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Vinegar Hill 50 and Fabulous Birthday Party

GiffyME photo booth rental is loads of fun for birthday parties! This 50 and fabulous party was at Vinegar Hill Music Theater. You can see from the photos that it was a highlight of the party. Guests input their phone number to get the gifs or still photos instantly texted to their phones. Sharing to instagram and facebook or snap chat is easy to do.

The Gif booth takes both still photos and gifs. The rental includes a host or hostess at the party, set up and hosting on our servers for 35 days. Guests can log on and see the entire event. Everything can be downloaded upon request and sent to you for you to have.

Vinegar Hill Party Kennebunkport Maine  ©Heidi Kirn--20.jpg
Vinegar Hill Party Kennebunkport Maine  ©Heidi Kirn-1343.jpg

Venue: Vinegar Hill Theater
Cookies: Cake Elizabeth